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Cosmetology Program Course Description

The Primary purpose of the Cosmetology course is to train students in both theory and practical experience to prepare them to successfully pass the State Board Examination, and for immediate employment in the Cosmetology field. The course is particularly directed towards developing in the student, desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation, safety, and encouragement towards self-reliance, readiness to assist others, and an ethical approach to the Cosmetology profession.

Course Goals/ Objectives:

1. Students will receive an education in both theory and practical experience and gain knowledge in all phases of Cosmetology.

2. To prepare students to work in a professional salon/spa.

3. To develop employer/employee relationships and effective communication skills

Students follow Milady's Standard of Cosmetology. A comprehensive library of references, periodicals, books, texts, and audio/video tapes are available to support the course of study and supplement the students' training. Students should avail themselves of the opportunity to use these extensive materials.

Saturday Classes are Mandatory.

Cosmetology Hours

Minimum Required Instruction Hours

State of CT. Curriculum / Units of Instruction:

1. The total curriculum shall not be less than 1500 hours of instruction.

2. The first two-hundred (200) hours must be devoted to instruction in the theoretical aspects of all content areas. Practical instruction can be included in this first two hundred (200) hours but supervised practice on a clinic floor cannot.

3. The remaining thirteen hundred (1300) hours are to be devoted to supervised practice integrated with ongoing theoretical and practical instruction.

Cosmetology Cost, Class Information & Schedule found in Catalog   - Program Catalog

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Belle Academy Cosmetology Program


Belle Academy Cosmetology Program


Belle Academy Cosmetology Program


Belle Academy Cosmetology Program